Dr Sadiq Bhayani

Consultant Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia


Dr Bhayani is a consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia. He graduated from India in 2001 and completed his training in anaesthesia and received his Fellowship in Anaesthesia from Royal College of Anaesthetists, United Kingdom. He then completed his advance pain training with specialist qualification in pain management from Faculty of Pain Medicine, Royal College of Anaesthetists, United Kingdom and passed his Fellowship of Faculty of Pain Medicine examination (FFPMRCA). To enhance his experience in interventional pain medicine he completed fellowship program from the University Health Network, University of Toronto, Canada.

Dr Bhayani works both in NHS and private sector and specializes in treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions for e.g- back pain, neck pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica, facet joint pain, sacro-iliac joint pains, coccydynia,  myofascial pain, widespread pain, fibromyalgia syndrome, chronic abdominal pain, pelvic pain, chronic pain after surgery.

He has special interest in pain arising from degenerative joint diseases including shoulder osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis knee & hip osteoarthritis.

Dr Bhayani specializes in the radiofrequency treatment of genicular nerves to reduce the pain arising from the painful joints.

Dr Bhayani is highly qualified in both ultrasound guided pain injections and

X –ray guided interventional pain procedures. In addition to detailed medical assessment he offers treatments like medications, nerve block injection, cooled and conventional radiofrequency treatment.

Use of ultrasound improves accurate target locations and the effectiveness of injections, it also reduces the rate of the complications associated with the procedure. Dr Bhayani is proficient in ultrasound guided injection for various pains including joint pains, migraines, tension and occipital headaches, pelvic pain, neuropathic pain (nerve pain), chronic pain after surgery, complex regional pain syndrome etc. He also specializes in the use of ultrasound guided radiofrequency treatment of various chronic pain conditions to prolong the duration of pain relief offered by the nerve blocks.

He is the Chairman (UK Chapter) and director of media and public relations and of World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography (WAPMU). He is the member of World institute of Pain (WIP), Spine Intervention Society (SIS), European Society of Regional Anaesthesia (ESRA). He teaches on national and international courses.

He is the first doctor in the United Kingdom to qualify, Certified interventional pain sonologist examination (CIPS) conducted by world institute of pain. He is also a Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP).

In addition to the number of qualification Dr Bhayani had also authored journal articles, book chapters and abstracts numerous national, international lecturers.

He is actively involved in educating trainee doctors and pain physicians from across the world by teaching them Ultrasound applications in regional anaesthesia, pain medicine and musculoskeletal medicine.


Professional memberships:

Fellow of Royal College of Anaesthetist
Fellow of Faculty of Pain Medicine,
Member of World Institute of pain (WIP),
Member of Spine Intervention Society (SIS),
Member of European Society of Regional Anaesthesia (ESRA)
Member of World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography (WAPMU)

Leadership positions: Chairman and director of media and Public relations World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography (WAPMU)